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* Nature Meditations by Deb Reasbeck*


This CD has several guided meditations on it that where created to help you breath correctly,

get you to relax and let go of stress.

My Client's Favorite Meditation: The Tree Meditation is great for getting connected, grounded balanced and centered. Everyone loves it. This CD was created with Smart Bookmarks so that you can create your own meditation, depending on what your needs are in that moment.

The Stream is a great releasing meditation.


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Testimonials from Clients who use this CD


As a massage therapist, I am often asked if I know of a good guided meditation CD. Most of the CD's I have listened to either went on too long, or I didn't like the voice, and sometimes even the music in the background. Now that Deb has recorded a professional CD, I can finally recommend and promote one that I love! Her voice is gentle and the meditation is easy to follow. It even has a stopping point put in it in case you choose to do just part of it. I will use this for myself, and my clients. It's a great gift for those people who have everything. We can all use a little time out every now and then. You should not be without this CD! Tricia Dowd-CMT


I find the Nature Meditation CD to be peaceful and soothing. The sound of the voice and the descriptive narratives help me quickly transport into the scene being described. I’ve owned the CD for two months now. Every time I do the breath work or the guided meditation I happily find myself calm, re-grounded and refreshed. I appreciate that the meditations are long enough to achieve a healthy effect, but brief enough that I can do them frequently… even daily before work which helps subconsciously guide me through the day. -Maureen Wood, Shoreline, Washington


Have you ever felt that you needed a dose of "nature," but just couldn't find the time to get away? I know I have. I can honestly say that the Nature CD really makes me feel like I've been out on a hike. I hear the dirt crunching under my feet, I smell the wonderful clean crisp air, I feel the sun's warmth and the soft breeze on my skin. I enjoy the feeling of safety during the storm sequence. After the meditation, I'm ready to come back from my mini "vacation" and face life's trials and hassles! Paula Johnston Missouri




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