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* Inside the Crystal Meditation *

Deb will take you through a guided meditation to help get you relaxed. Then we will take a journey Inside the Crystal.

There is a whole story behind this and I will try to touch on the specialness of this recording.

Inside the Crystal was created by my friend Shad. He is a scientist, an intuit, healer, musician and well so much more.

Shad has a great knowledge of Crystal Energy and has taken the vibrations of the healing energy and put the perfect tones on a soundtrack to bring this healing energy through sound to others.

Each tone was individually analyzed to determine its usefulness in terms of psychoenergetics.

Shad is amazing and receives many grants for his work. I just love his work and I know you will too.

Let us dance in another dimension for a while. It is a very positive and healing experience.

Come join us on this amazing journey.



Inside the Crystal, an hour long meditation

These synthesizer instrumentals use the actual sounds of Crystals and interactive Superquntum Tones (TM)

to relax, heal and enlighten.

Pre-Registration Required

You can either RSVP by phone with Deb 310-516-0727

If you would like to attend this workshop, but this date is not good for you...scroll down on this page and let us know what days and times are good for you. We all have busy schedules, so let us know what is best for you.

Inside the Crystal Meditation ~ click no shipping (reiki and readings)
Price: $20.00, if paid in advance online, or in the store.


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Crystal Dreams

2913 "A" West 156th Street

Gardena, CA 90249



We offer a variety of courses.


Here are a few of the classes we teach. Let us know if you are interested in another subject, we can always invite someone to come in and do a lecture.


Reiki Healing Classes

We teach this both online and in person at the healing center.

If you want you initiation in person but you don't have the time to take a weekend class ask for your initiation in person and take the online course.


Ear Coning Course

Learn how to do an ear coning.


Focus on Crystals

Introduction to Crystal Basics - cleansing and programming your crystals

Crystals and Chakras

Using Crystals for Healing

Crystals and their Healing Energies

How to use a Pendulum

Blessing and Protecting your Home

Prosperity and Creating Abundance

Making Your Own Ceremonial Rattle

How to Make a Dream Catcher

Chakra Clearing

Color Therapy

Communicating with Angels



Increase Your Psychic Awareness

Dream Interpretation

Blessing and Protecting your Home


Shielding and Setting Boundaries

Communicating with Angels

Psychic Protection

Practicing Reiki

Childrens Reiki Class

Angel and Fairy Books We Sell

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I am hoping to have some pictures up of the healing center soon.


We are located at:

2913 "A" West 156th Street

Gardena, CA 90249

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This web site is a work in progress...I thank you for your patience and please feel free to call me if you have any questions. Warmly, Deb


Reiki Master Rev. Debbie Reasbeck (310) 516-0727


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