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Pixie Pendulum (1" x 1/8")

Solid brass with a gold finish on a 3" gold chain with a gemstone of choice (listed below in the order of left to right). Good for private use at the marketplace. The gemstone at the end gives a real fine feel to your pendulum.

$27.95 each, plus shipping and handling

Light with Fast Response

Select a gemstone: Rose Quartz Clear Quartz Citrine Carnelian Aventurine


Chamber Pendulums


Chamber Pendulums(13/4" x 1")

Weighted with fine balance. solid brass with a screw top to inner 'witness' chamber and 5" chain.

Great for field work.

Chamber Pendulum Chrome--$34.95, plus shipping costs.

Chamber Pendulum Gold (color not shown) --$39.95

Rainforest Pendulums

Wooden Pendulums approx. (17/8" x 7/8")
The finest in wooden pendulums with the tree essence. Ultra sensitive.

They come in a variety of beautiful exotic woods.

They have a very warm feel to them.

similar to the rainforest line

Wood Pendulums 40.00 each <

Crystal Pendulum (2" x 1/2")
Beautiful Austrian crystal with 4 inch silver chain.

I have one left in stock and then this item will be sold out.

Very Attractive with Wonderful Feel & Great Action.
Crystal Pendulums--$29.95

Wonderful balanced light energy.
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