Hello my name is Debbie Reasbeck and I do Spiritual Readings for Crystal Dreams. I have been gifted with psychic ablities as far back as I can remember.
I enjoy helping others to *see* in this way. If you are looking for a someone to tell you what you want to hear then you are not in the right place. If you want someone to be honest with you and help guide you on your path...then you are in the right place.
I am good at doing distant chakra clearings. I use a combination of my psychic abilities and my healing abilities. I will do my best to help you on your path to enlightenment, using some great techniques. Some of these are positive thinking exercises, meditation exercises, cleansing, chakra clearing, house clearing, relationship clearing...whatever you need at that time. I do not charge more for these things. If you are working through prosperity issues, love, romance and break up issues, past life issues, current life issues, problems with a certain person or whatever it is I will do my best to help you break through it.

I charge for my time when I work. So if you want to combine Angel Healing with a Reading or ask questions, etc. It is all the same price.


Angel Reading

A Unique Gift From the Realm of the Angels



When ordering a Reading there are no Shipping Charges unless you want a tape of your session.

Just click for US Territories: quote in the shipping column.

All Readings must be considered as entertainment only, as required by law.

All Spiritual Guidance is done by a Reverand.

Life Path Reading

A Guide to Help You on Your Journey

This is an hour long reading. Focusing on what is the best path for you to follow right now.


~Angel Readings by Deb ~

Please include all your information on the order form, so that I can contact you.

If you are interested in joining our Spiritual Growth Support List or A Healing support List, go to the Crystal Dreams home page link at the bottom of the page. You can also send me an e-mail and I will send you the list address. Wishing you Well on Your Path, Deb www.CrystalDreams.cc


Please note before calling ~ fees for readings on Keen.com are different.


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