The PENDULUM Bridge to Infinite KNOWING


Dale Olson

Intuitive Software for the Mind

Companion Instruction for the Pendulum Charts

Beginning to Advanced Instructions

A bridge in learning how to interface with your Intuition through ancient and modern technologies. Provides a safe, practical and effective foundation for developing your Intuitive skill. Allows access to your whole brain's potential for infinite information, knowledge and wisdom. Learn how to effectively use the pendulum and the many levels and aspects of the Pendulum Charts.

Olson covers the entire spectrum of intuitive pendulum development from beginning to advanced levels. Learn how to develop a good foundation with hundreds of applications and Pendulum Charts for everyday decision making and problem solving. Includes advanced map and long distance dowsing.

The right foods, diet, vitamins, minerals, suppliments, remedies, careers, teachers, doctors, therapists, locations to live, the right house, car, job, where to go from here...

Lost objects, missing people or pets, buried treasure, valuables, gold, underground water, minerals, oil...

The relationship compatibility of partners, friends, potential employers or employees, personal motivators, probability of success for any situation...

The best business decisions, consumer choices, career moves, food and water purity test, house inventory & anaylsis, auto diagnostics...

The complete analysis of the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies of yourself and others, including origin and cause of disorder of human, plant or animal...

The PENDULUM Bridge to Infinate KNOWING $16.95, plus shipping costs.

The PENDULUM Bridge to Infinite KNOWING

Shows you how to use the chart book and pendulum in detail, yet easy to read. $16.95



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