The Pendulum Charts


Dale Olson

"There is no limit to Knowing Your Intuitive Mind"

NEW and Revised ~ it now contains 50 Charts


Learn to access your natural intuitive abilities and take the guesswork out of life.


I found this book on my trip in Maui, Hawaii and I have found it to be a valuable tool for myself and also for helping others.

It is very easy to use. It also has *sample questions* at the top of each page to help you learn how to phrase your questions in a specific way so that you can get an accurate answer.

In the front of the book there are instructions on how to use a pendulum to get the most accurate answers.

I have had my chartbook for well over 8 year now and it has been through a lot. Traveling and use. It is still in great condition.

Each page has a laminated type quality and is on a hard stock, which holds up well over the years of use.

It is spiral bound as well and the pages flip really easily.

I really can't say enough about this book. It is great.


Choose the right: Find:
Foods, remedies, vitamins, minerals, diet, nutritional supplements, amino acids, tissue salts, adaptogens, anti-oxidents, enzymes, flower essences, herbs, house, car, career, partner...

The probability of success for personal, career, business or consumer decisions , lost object, water, gold, land, house, locations, directions...

Determine: Analysis:
Allergies, origin of dis-ease/dysfunction, relationship compatibility, personal motivators, what is going on, who is involved, what am I telling myself, how to change my life, healing remedies, source of condition, chakras, health and well-being...

Body, mind, spirit, plant/soil, house inventory, automobile diagnosis, business decisions...

See All the Charts In List of all 50 Charts

Learn more about how to use a Pendulum in the book
The PENDULUM Bridge to Infinite KNOWING

Find the best Pendulum. Wood, Crystal and Metal Pendulums.

NEW 50 Page Pendulum Chart Book $20.95, plus shipping costs.


This Newly revised 50 Chart Book is our top seller. $20.95

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